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Many garages are too small to accommodate a modern vehicle and become simply an area for storage, of often unwanted items.This garage space can however be transformed into a beautiful and practical room within your home.

With more and more people now needing to work from home finding themselves working from their cluttered dining tables we can offer an affordable solution in providing that much needed extra space.

We  specialize in garage conversions and can provide the solutions to the hidden potential that is your garage,  converting it  from a cold and under-utilised space into a warm and habitable room, potentially increasing the value of your house and providing improved quality of life for you and your family.

A standard single garage is approximately 150 sq ft. which is a lot of potential extra living and working space for you to convert into an integral part of your house. For those with a double garage the perfect solution may lie in a ‘part conversion’, where typically the front or rear of the garage is retained to house the lawnmower or your bicycle whilst the rest of the garage is converted into a habitable room.

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